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Discovered by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Kenzo, Satya Oblette quickly established himself as one of the greatest male supermodel with an original look.
Pilot, UN ambassador, president or patron of several humanitarian organizations including "SOS hepatitis," Satya practice for several years pilates and yoga. He explains why he chose Yoga Pilates Vod.

You practice yoga and pilates, when and how did you find these?
Seeking a discipline capable of uniting several things at the same time complementary to bodybuilding pure and simple.
What these disciplines bring to you?
They give my body more muscular and sculpted fitness... and feeling well
Why did you choose Yoga Pilates Vod ?
I like to practice also at home or in the hotel room while traveling in France or abroad. Different levels and the regular addition of video excites me and motivates me to practice often.
How often do you practice?
I practice Pilates at least twice a week and see if my schedule permits me to do it more often.
Where do you practice?
I practice in the areas Saint Louis and Saint Paul, I've heard of these two spaces at a business lunch and I appreciate addresses, user friendliness, the idea of ​​using these "spaces" not as a club but as a "place" where you feel good.
You are an ambassador for the United Nations, what are your actions? I am the ambasseadors in another UNDP unit (United Nations Development Programme) and presently I am putting up a new NGO (WIN-WIN), which will aim to produce containers filled with new technological elements (photovoltaic, mini energy generating rooms, machines making charcoal, green energy ...), to allow different parts of the world to become completely autonomous.

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